The New Normal: How My Career Has Changed Since Covid-19

Change is inevitable and very much part of human life, we all experience change from time to time. In my case it happened rather quickly and unplanned – as a matter of fact, 2020 was for sure one of the most unpredictable years the world has experienced.

Let me take you back a few years when I started working at Design Worx (the sister company of BasicData). I started as a Footwear Merchandiser with a background in buying. I always loved the Supply Chain industry; it’s a fast-moving environment and it keeps you on your toes. I like the challenge and most of all I enjoy aiming for a successful outcome.

Supplying to retailers was my top priority, together with providing solutions and assistance to my accounts. While I was running orders, chasing trends and seasons, BasicData was full steam growing BasicPSF – a system they first created in 2012, one that keeps evolving. Just for the record, I’m a really big fan of BasicPSF. I love a good system and there’s certainly nothing better knowing exactly the status and outlines of my orders. BasicPSF does so much more than you would imagine. Most importantly, it was the best way for me to keep track and manage my meetings, costings, quotes, sample submissions, orders, inspections, and the list can go on and on. It fetches data in no time, and finally, I would have a full history report of my season, performance, and profit in just a few seconds. I had access to all my work 24/7, no matter which location or time zone I was in.

Fast forward to December 2019: Covid-19 happens and suddenly everything goes on hold for Design Worx. Orders were held back, and nothing could be shipped at that stage. Not much later, the whole of South Africa went on hold, as did the whole world. It was announced that we will have a level 5 lockdown – which would last weeks. Retailers closed and only essentials could Trade. Design Worx had no other choice but to make changes for the business to proceed as usual and this is where my new journey took the course.

Jonathan asked me to join BasicData where I would have the opportunity to really use my management skills and assist with the current and future projects. Coming from a space where I worked on the software and now working together with the team developing the software is quite an exciting opportunity for me. I understand the system and I see now how this system was shaped, shaped in such a unique way. I understand the development process and features behind it, and I am astounded by the technique our developers used to create such a remarkable solution that joins all the dots to form a consistent workflow.

I absolutely love the energy in our office, and I’m happy to be part of the BasicData team. We’re here to have fun and create intelligence.