About Us

At BasicData, our goal is to be leaders in the I.T. solutions industry. With specialized I.T. industry experience and a number of I.T. certifications. Our driving force is to assist customers reach their business goals by providing excellence in I.T. architecture, execution and customer support. We obsess about the details and deliver solutions that are able to evolve, this is accomplished by our passion for technology.

What was the inspiration behind starting BasicData?

As an internal IT & and Development Team for The Basic Group, providing software and support solutions for our internal companies, we received a lot of interest from customers about our operations software and web platforms that we developed. We identified a gap in the industry and decided to start marketing our software and services to companies outside of The Basic Group’s organization. BasicData was officially incorporated in 2018, coinciding with the launch of PEP Stores Supplier Web Showroom developed by our team.

What makes BasicData different?

At BasicData, our focus is on deliverables. We believe it all starts with taking a complete brief from our customers, providing a clear project proposal with no hidden costs and completing projects on time.

Our team members are experienced, agile and focused. We are able to provide our customers with end-to-end solutions that are cost effective, comprehensive in their functionality and have user-friendly interfaces that are delivered in a timely fashion. We don’t stop there, our after sales support matches that of larger IT enterprises. Our customers are our priority, we believe that you should always make it a priority to service your existing clients before trying to obtain new ones.

BasicData is a proud member of the Claris FileMaker Business Alliance.  Claris Business Alliance members are software professionals who have had their work validated by FileMaker to ensure they are delivering best-in-class solutions to their customers.

Our Office

The Crew




My journey began in 1999 where I was the youngest of the first six South Africans to obtain a MCSE+I. With my new certifications in hand I moved to the USA to pursue my career in the tech-world. There I ran a successful IT support business servicing small to medium size enterprises covering a wide variety of industries such as hospitality, realty, property development and entertainment.

As a preferred apple business support specialist, I was exposed to various apple workshops, where I was introduced to FileMaker as a development platform. The bug bit and I sort out formal file maker training.

It was in 2012 that I returned to South Africa in search of a different and more inspiring way of utilising my IT experience. It was within this space that BasicData came to life. Incorporating my years of software, hardware and networking experience and my time spent on the operations side of the family business, I assisted in creating a software solution for our trading needs, which we then marketed to outside clients.

With a natural creative spirit, I have a keen ability to visualise a problem from the outside and find a solution. I love a challenge that affords me the space to think out of the box and allows me to interact with people and engage with the world around me.




I am web developer with a passion for learning. “There is no greater education than the one that is self-driven“. I have over 12 years’ experience in Graphic and Web Design. I started off as a graphic designer in the printing Industry but soon developed a love for websites and in my spare time I started learning HTML and CSS. Once I had a good understanding of HTML I quickly moved on to PHP and WordPress.




I see myself as a jack of all trades, master of some. I studied at Heriot-Watt University where I completed a BSc in Computer Systems. I started my career in IT support and moved over to Graphic & Web Design. BasicData has given me the opportunity to spread my wings and try many creative outlets.




My career as a photographer started before I knew. From shooting events and head shots in my final year in high school as a hobby for extra money. It turned into a passion for creation and collaboration. After studying photography at CPUT I started working with different local brands and models until I found myself being the photographer for the BasicData team learning, creating, and growing each day. I look forward to creating with you.




I consider myself a multi-faceted designer where my strong sense of design shines through in addition to being creatively inspired. I studied at the University of Johannesburg and obtained my BA Hons in Communication Design & Layout. I design UI/UX designs, front-end app developments and corporate identity. I love the family vibe at BasicData as well as the creativity we bring together as a company.




I am a senior FileMaker developer, with 11 years of experience. I am organized, patient and loyal. I have excellent interpersonal, organizational, and problem-solving skills. I am confident in finishing projects within the allocated time. Experienced with various operating systems, software testing and development, troubleshooting and debugging. I am a great team player who strives to build good customer relationships.




I have always been intrigued by IT Software and Hardware and as a young boy I took apart our first home computer, the 486, and put it back together. To my parents surprise it still worked 100%. Shortly after school I received my Hardware and Software Specialist and network engineer certifications from Namibian Institute of Information Technology.

Originally from Namibia, I moved to Cape Town, South Africa. I met my wife and started working for BasicData roughly 3 years ago. I started as an IT Support Engineer and a junior FileMaker developer, which sparked my passion for programming. I have learned a lot about FileMaker. I am very passionate about scripting and Layout development. Working with scripts is my favourite along with learning and developing new technologies to implement into our flagship software BasicPSF.




I am Hannes Wegner. After matriculating from DF Malan high in 2008, I decided to follow my passion in Diesel Tradesmen ship in Limpopo. After finishing my course and internship I took an interest in IT. I came back home to Cape Town where I started my next chapter at New Horizon Institute, where I studied SQL Database Administrator and Maintainer. I have found my passion as a FileMaker and Applications developer and the rest is history.




I am a born problem solver, I find great pleasure in helping others to make life easier and finding ways to do things better. I see myself as a creative thinker and team player and love being part of the FileMaker development team, where we always challenging each other to think outside the box.